Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of Work and Lots of Play

Once the calendar page turns to February, everyone in the Johnson household knows that it is game on…no not a big football game…it’s RADIOTHON time! Last minute details consume Mommy’s thoughts and time. Our family literally “moves” to a hotel in Durham for this special week each year. Mark and the girls try to keep a normal work and school schedule during the day, but at night they drive back to Durham to eat dinner with Mommy, get ready for another day and finally to give Mommy hugs when she gets home from her long, long days. Whew! We are honored to be a part, but are always glad to make it through the grueling schedule.

Aleah has changed the most this month. She has learned to “play” and is intrigued by toys of any kind. She especially likes musical toys or anything she can put into her mouth. And, did I mention that she loves to eat! She quickly moved through baby cereal and baby food straight to table food! Once finished with her dinner she “talks” – either by making sounds or grabbing Mommy’s plate and pulling it towards her – her way into getting something off Mommy’s plate. She loves mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Mommy’s homemade veggie soup…the list could go on and on. She reminds us of Alivia in her eating habits.

Alivia loves to eat most anything – her favorite pick is salad. She could be the poster child for healthy eating. Avery on the other hand, to my knowledge, has never eaten a vegetable and if she did, certainly did not like it. She lives on cereal, pancakes, pizza, crackers, bread, chocolate milk and french fries –with the occasional chicken nugget thrown in, but only from McDonald’s. Both girls’ favorite restaurant is Logan’s…Alivia loves the broccoli and Avery loves the yummy rolls. Go figure. We are thrilled at Aleah’s willingness to eat a wide variety.

Aleah announces her love for food by chanting “Yum-yum” as she enjoys every spoonful. She also says “hey” in response to “hey there” and has said “Mama” and “out” in a plea to get out of her car seat.

On Friday Mommy and Alivia enjoyed a special day together while Aleah and Avery were at school. We went out for breakfast, ice skating, shopping for new clothes and finished the afternoon with a trip to the movies for all the Johnson girls.

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