Friday, January 8, 2010

January Days

On January 1 we celebrated Aleah’s four month birthday. A new year, a new start, and hopefully a turn towards a healthy 2010. No sooner than these thoughts came out of my mind, we received a call that my Uncle Earl had a heart attack. Back to the hospital we went. I am happy to say that he was very lucky and recovered quickly. And so started the beginning of the next decade.

New Year’s Day we spent much time reflecting on the ups and downs, blessings and struggles that we endured in 2009. The year was highlighted with the birth and survival of our third little girl. We know the Lord has big plans for Aleah. Her life has a purpose and we are so very thankful for the gift of being her parents. All three of our girls have blessed our lives in ways unimaginable.

We have always enjoyed the snow and this month we had plenty. We even purchased “snow” boots (well Southern “snow” boots, which are actually cute little rain boots that can do double duty) for the girls. Twice it snowed on Saturday’s bringing back fond memories of “our snow storm” and wintery wedding extravaganza!

The girls enjoyed building a snow lady. She was very impressive with a flower hat, button eyes, carrot nose and accessorized with a scarf and pink purse. And, she was almost as tall as Mommy! All three of us were proud of the effort.

Alivia and Avery have grown up so much in recent months. They both are incredibly bright, spunky and lovable. They constantly amaze and delight us with the things they say and do. They both got new short haircuts to start off 2010. And, by looking at them you would have thought several years had passed. They both “aged” through the process. Mommy was not ready for that.

Alivia is learning to read and do simple math. She loves to complete work book pages with surprising accuracy. Alivia is now officially registered for kindergarten. It is hard to believe that out sweet little sweet pea will soon walk into the wide, wide, world and begin the path to her future. Mommy is definitely not ready for that either. I just want to hug them and hold them and keep them little.

Avery is not far behind her big sister. She too loves learning—and playing. The girls play school with all their babies, lining them up on the stairs, in the halls, anywhere they find space to play circle time, lunch or car pool. They both have very active imaginations. It makes me smile to just listen to the conversations they have—both trying to direct the other on what to say. And then when they get “home” they are both mommies! Every time Avery pretends to get into her car she grabs an armful of bags filled with items for her babies—just like Mommy!

Aleah is really coming into her own little being. She reminds us of her two big sisters but by far has the largest personality – sweet as sugar and as feisty as a bee! Should be an interesting combination to watch develop. She is strong willed and a bit impatient, but when she flashes that smile she melts your heart. Yes, it is hard not to give her what she wants. She loves to be tickled and giggles uncontrollably when you get the right spot. At four months, she can sit on her own and stand holding on to a table. She started eating cereal this month and loves it!

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