Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day of Miracles!!!

It is now 1:25am on Friday, September 4th. I've gotten a late start tonight on adding this post, but it's the first time today that I have had a free minute to start writing. Kristen is sleeping comfortably, and the only sounds that I hear right now in the hospital room are the occasional cries from a newborn sleeping in his mommy's room next door. How I would love to hear those same cries from Aleah right now!!! But, we may hear those cries sooner than we thought.

Aleah has made a complete turnaround from just 24 hours ago. It is simply amazing to see the difference in our little girl's health. It started about 3am Thursday morning. Kristen and I had tried to sleep, but we both were still full of adrenaline from the series of events of the day on Wednesday. So, we decided to visit Aleah once more before going to sleep. When we arrived in the ICN, Aleah's nurse immediately started talking to us about her progress. Her nurse was so excited!!! Kristen and I started singing to Aleah, and as soon as we opened our mouths, her eyes opened, and she focused her attention on us. Let me remind you that Aleah was still medically paralyzed at this point. I feel like the Lord helped Aleah open her eyes and look at us to simply say through her gaze - Hi Mommy and Daddy...I know that you're here...I can hear you singing...and most importantly, I'm going to be just fine!!!

Kristen and I both felt the peace of the Lord come over us immediately. We were very encouraged by this milestone. Most people think of a milestone as finishing a major goal in life such as graduating high school or college, landing that first job, getting married, etc. For Aleah, though, her milestones are measured in minutes (not years) and by accomplishments that many of us take for granted each day. Each minute that Aleah continues to improve is one step closer to a full recovery.

And speaking of a full recovery - that's exactly what the nurse taking care of Aleah on the day shift told us today - she said that Aleah WILL make a full recovery. In fact, if Aleah continues improving over the next few days at the rate she has been improving over the last 24 hours, then she may have her breathing tube removed by Monday and be home by the following weekend. And to think that some people say there is no God????

Our day continued to get better as visitors began arriving around 10am - some brought snacks for us to eat, others brought infectious laughter, but the most special visitors were our two oldest daughters, Alivia and Avery, and they brought lots of hugs and kisses (and some snuggling, too). Kristen and I started to have the conversation with our girls that we knew would be both hard, but necessary. You see, Alivia is very perceptive, and she had already started wondering why she had not been allowed to see her new baby sister. We bascially told our girls that their baby sister had a "bad cold" and that she needed help breathing right now, but that once Aleah got well, they could see and hold her. It seems that Alivia and Avery were both satisfied with this explanation, and they resumed coloring pictures in coloring books that one of my co-workers brought for them.

The afternoon continued without incident, and I actually left the hospital around 9pm to go get food from The Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree Valley Mall. By now, hospital food is no longer that appetizing, so I left to get dinner for Kristen and me. When I returned, I surprised Kristen with her favorite entree from Cheesecake, and we had a "date" sitting on the side of the hospital bed and eating our food. It is moments like these that I will cherish forever - even in the midst of chaos this week, we made time for each other to talk, share some grilled porkchops, and just relax a bit.

My night ended with a final visit with Aleah this evening. Her nurse informed me that they were again lowering the amount of supplemental oxygen running through Aleah's ventilator based on some very good results from blood gas checks. Again, very comforting news!!!

So that brings me back to my blogging session. Kristen and I have heard from many people today who have read the blog posting from last night - we have even had emails from good friends in Tennessee and Florida letting us know that they are praying for us. Wow!!! Knowing that many people are following this blog now, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone for your prayers, calls, gift cards to restaurants, and acts of kindness. I have even heard that our house has been cleaned by a very special friend (now member of our family) in anticipation of our arrival back home - you know who you are! All I can say is "thank you" and that we will gladly return the favors in the future.

In closing, I have one last thing to say tonight - God still performs mighty miracles. Believe in him and accept him as your savior (if you have not already), and you will never have to worry about being alone, scared, in a helpless situation, etc. Aleah is proof that God is present and that He has not run out of miracles yet (nor will he ever)!!!!

Thanks again,
Mark (on behalf of Kristen as well)


  1. Praise God for He is able!!! So very happy to hear a good report today!
    Love you all, The Faulks

  2. Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!!!!! You and your family are completely saturated with prayers. What a blessing you have been to ARBC and now your testimony has been richly strengthened and you will touch and have touched many people that you will only be able to know about in heaven. Aleah is a mighty child in the Lord. She has the strength of the she is a fighter like young David with Goliath. She through the power of God is slaying her giant and all the glory and honor goes to ou Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who won this battle over 2000 years ago on the cross. Isaiah says that by His stripes we are healed. Never has it been more apparent to many than through Aleah's young life. People are now seeing our powerful God in action and it has renewed and stregthened their faith. No you did not choose this path nor would you ever wish it on anyone but my how our God does shine like the morning star when lifes storms are blown our way. I can see God expanding your ministry to those that are hopeless and God useing you to be a testimony of hope, faith and declaring the message of the Power of The Almighty God.God is still on the throne and He reigns forever more. To God be all the glory forever!!! Much love and prayers of healing and thanksgiving to you and Gods precious gift, Aleah. Lisa Byrd

  3. SO happy to hear the good news. Praying for you all today. If you get a chance, I'd love for you both to meet my friend Robin Pritchett. She is a pastor's wife, a great woman & she is a nurse in the NICU today I beleive. :)