Friday, September 4, 2009

Aleah Has Passed the First Major Hurdle!

Kristen and I went in to see Aleah about 2pm this afternoon. Nick DeJesus, one of the hospital chaplains and a close friend as well, went with us. We were greeted by the Neonatologist - she could barely get the words out of her mouth because she was so excited. "Aleah has been completely weaned off of the nitrous oxide," she said. We were so excited - those words were the words that we have been waiting for!!! Aleah has now passed the first major hurdle in her recovery. Now the focus will shift to weaning Aleah off of the supplemental oxygen - that is hurdle #2.

Meanwhile, Aleah has developed Jaundice, but we're not too concerned about that. If her bilirubin levels are still high on Saturday morning, Aleah will be placed under the bilirubin lights until her bili levels return to normal. This is not a big issue though - we can certainly handle this.

Thanks again for all the prayers - keep them coming!!!

I'll try to update later tonight.


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