Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Lu!

Yes, it is hard to believe. Baby Lu-Lu turns 4 today! I constantly find myself thinking "where has the time gone?" Avery Kamdyn Johnson entered the world on December 4, 20o6, bringing smiles to our faces and laughter to our hearts...and she hasn't stopped since. She can light up a room with her bright smile, twinkling eyes and infectious laughter. She is sweet, curious, smart, charming and really funny. Avery knows just what to say to make us laugh. Her new favorite past time is making up new words for songs...just to make us laugh. "Silent Night, to the left and right" was a favorite while practicing for the Christmas musical. She loves to sing and dance and play her guitar. She loves to play mommy with her babies...and her sisters. When she grows up she wants to a doctor and a mommy...and a beautiful princess ballerina. (And I know she will be great at all of that.) Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she loves to color. While at her Thanksgiving breakfast at school a friend's mother could not believe the Turkey she had colored. She had taken her time and colored every inch of the turkey...apparently working on it in class at various times for three days...while other children had quickly scribbled a few lines and were done. Looking around the room at the other Turkeys it was uncanny how Avery's stood out. Avery you are very talented and we love how hard you work to do your best. Mommy, Daddy, Alivia and Aleah are so very proud of you! We love you so very much Avery Lu-Lu Kamdyn! What a special girl to have a birthday party at the hotel, breakfast at McDonald's (complete with candle in a hash brown), SNOW on your birthday, a breakfast brunch with all your family on Sunday, and a super fun bouncy birthday bash with your friends! Happy Birthday to our favorite 4 year old middle baby bear!

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  1. LOVE the updates. How did I miss the previous post about Tgiving and Aleah's health scare? I am glad to be caught up on the sweet Johnson family. I pray you all will be well throughout this Christmas season. Creighton looked at the pictures and said "hey, I know those girls". Love to you and yours.