Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love is sharing cotton candy.

Love is letting your sister be the "Mommy" this time.

Love is helping pick out your sister's clothes.

Love is helping Mommy hold your sister down to take her medicine.

Love is holding your sister's hand in a scary situation.

Love is knowing that your sister doesn't "look" right and asking quickly for help.

These are real examples of our girls showing love one to another. For those of you who are not in our daily lives, let me fill you in on the events from yesterday afternoon.

I got a call from Stacey, who cares for our girls each afternoon, that Aleah had not been herself. Stacey could not put her finger on what was wrong but she sensed that Aleah was getting sick. She had checked her temperature. It was normal. In the couple minutes we were on the phone discussing Aleah's s day and me trying to convince Stacey that it was most likely just teething pain -- Aleah has four top teeth bulging under her top gums--our lives were turned upside down. In a matter of minutes while talking to me, Stacey changed from thinking she would take Aleah by the pediatrician after carpool, to deciding to turn her car around to head straight to the doctor. Then suddenly I hear "I'm calling 9-1-1"

That was how the ordeal started. As I frantically tried to reach Mark, I grabbed my keys, purse and was out the door. Hwy 47 and I-40 were a blur. I was on a mission. A mission to get to my little girl. I didn't really know what was happening, but I knew that I needed to be there...and quickly.

On the other end, as Stacey was talking to me on the phone she heard Avery, who is 3 years old, exclaim, "Ms. Stacey Aleah looks funny. She is not right." Stacey looked up into the rear view mirror. Aleah was shaking and turning blue. Stacey quickly pulled into the parking lot of a doctor's offife, called 9-1-1 and ran inside.

The ambulance arrived and got her stabilized. As they woked on her, Avery held her hand. Aleah soon would take her first ambulance ride to the hospital alone. (They would not let Avery and Stacey ride.)

Meanwhile, Mark and I rushed from work to the hospital not knowing what was happening. I don't remember driving...and thank the Lord for getting me there safely. We both made it to the hospital before her grand arrival. Mark's Aunt Sue was there waiting. We waited what seemed like an eternity.

My heart sank as the ambulance pulled in at the ED. What would we find inside? How was our little girl? Visions of breathing tubes and ventilators filled my imagination--memories I was not ready to relive--not here, not now, not ever. The abulance door opened as I wiped tears from my eyes...sitting inside perched up high in her car seat on top of the stretcher was our little Aleah smiling and waving! Really...I thought...the EMT must have seen it in my eyes as he chuckled and said, "Mrs. Johnson, she really was in bad shape. She looks great now."

She had been bluer than anyone he had ever seen. She had spiked a fever and had a seizure in response. Because she was in her car seat with her head to the side, we think her tongue must have been covering her airway.

After several hours of testing, antibiotics and trying to keep a one-year-old entertained we were released from the hospital (thankfully she had assembled a big fan club and enjoyed visits from MeMe, PaPa, Grandma and Granddaddy.) Cost of the high-power antibiotics=$150 (after insurance); Cost of the anbulance ride and ED visit=$250; Cost to have Aleah home in our arms=Priceless! What an afternoon and evening

Thankfully, it was only a urinary track infection that caused the fever. It is apparently very common to have a fever spike and seizure follow. We were told to watch her closely for fever and medicate quickly. Once a child seizes with fever it often reocurrs with fever until the child is 4 or 5! Here we go!

Aleah has only been in our lives for a little more than a year and she has raked up a NICU stay and two ED visits. Yes, she rules the roost around here! Aleah makes herself known. :)

We are blessed and thankful for all three of our little girls.

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