Monday, November 16, 2009


What a blessing to have three daughters who adore one another! I can't think of anything sweeter. Alivia's class made Thanksgiving turkeys from their hand prints and listed what they were most thankful for. While many of her friends were thankful for favorite toys, treats or other things, Alivia was thankful for Avery. It brought tears to our eyes to be reminded how much our girls love each other. I commented to Mark recently that my hope is that our girls will always be as close as they are now. They do everything together. Yes, they do have sibling moments of disagreement, but they are always short lived, and sooner than you can blink the girls are back giggling and playing with no cares in the world. You can feel the joys of childhood just looking in their bright eyes. We are so very thankful for our blessings but more than anything we are thankful for our three, happy, healthy little girls!

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