Friday, October 16, 2009

My, my how time flies! Life is now a whirlwind. Each day seems to pass more quickly than the day before. Aleah and I are getting out in the big wide world on a daily basis. We have been shopping with Meme, to The Growing Place to be a mystery reader in Alivia's class, on a field trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch with Alivia and Avery, to visit Daddy's co-workers, Mommy's co-workers, our friends at MIX 101.5, and general errands to the doctor's office, grocery store, dance studio and yes, more shopping! The list could go on and on... It seems there is always something to be done. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, for Aleah, Avery and Alivia that will not soon change. There is little chance to get bored around here. The Johnson household is always full speed ahead and busy, busy, busy!

Sunday was a very special day for us. Aleah Kathryn was dedicated to the Lord. What a blessing to be the Mommy and Daddy of a miracle, and thankfully, now a very healthy little girl! She slept through the service, and millions of kisses from her big sisters. It was a glorious day -- and one for which we are eternally grateful. For not by the grace of God it could have easily not ever come to fruition. Meme, Papa, Christa, Granddaddy, Cari and David all joined us for the service. Grandma, unfortunately, was home sick.

Afterward we rushed to Grandma Polly's church for Homecoming at Shiloh. This is the church where my great-grandparents and my grandparents raised their families, my parents were married and where my Granddaddy Earl is buried. We only visit Grandma Polly's church once a year and thus it is a very special time. I visited my Granddaddy's grave and was overcome with the emotion of the day. Granddaddy Earl was a very special man. As we were leaving I was telling the girls about Homecomings long ago. Every time I visited Shiloh as a little girl my Granddaddy was at the door to welcome me. He also was always at the door to welcome us into their home each Sunday when we arrived for lunch. I suddenly remembered how much I miss him...his hugs, his smile and big blue eyes, the prayer he said to bless our food every Sunday and sitting in his lap as he read the Sunday comics to the the three granddaughters and later to the great-grand daugthers. Aleah is the first grandchild who will never know Granddaddy Earl. I do feel a special connection. We found out Aleah was on her way on Granddaddy's birthday, January 10 -- the first one since his death. As I reflected all of these thoughts and the events of the last month, the tears were unstoppable.

We are reminded how much we are blessed to have family. Every day is a gift.

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